Face OFF is a boutique entertainment and full service production company based in New York, focused on designing projects that elevate consciousness, and inspire the recognition of human achievement.

Behind every successful businesswoman is a great deal of faith, creativity, determination, and courage. Helen LaLousis is no exception. As CEO of Face OFF Productions, Inc., she has used her lifetime of entrepreneurial experience to position this company as one to watch. As an artist and creative individual, Helen has produced a number of video, television and multimedia projects that have appealed to a diverse audience.

Face OFF has collaborated with many professionals on a variety of projects, no matter the industry, our collective experience and provocative thinking captivate your audience and electrify your message. We deliver your final product quickly, efficiently and within your intended budget.


If a picture is worth a thousand words... Just imagine what a video can do!

It’s become an online world as more and more businesses turn to video presentations as their preferred marketing tool. From direct online marketing to Facebook ads and Tweets, social media touches every industry.

Face OFF recognizes that today’s audience demand video communication and creates a polished video to reach your preferred audience in the most effective way. Face OFF specializes in working with our clients to create a customized video production and delivering a final product for Internet or broadcast TV.

Showcase yourself as a leader with video to promote your products, services or yourself.